Alliance Partners

Our Alliance Partners operate under our 501(c)3 umbrella and are doing amazing work to further the Kingdom. 

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Ascend Life Skills

Offering new hope to incarcerated women by teaching freedom and value in Christ

Atlanta GLOW

To encourage, educate and equip young, low-income women to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth within their communities.

Bloom Restoration Ministry

Offers a variety of services; individual/group counseling,  workshops, freedom classes, seminars and retreats and conferences. These services are designed to build character through evolution of our mind, which in turn lead us to experience peace, joy and love in every aspect of our lives.  Our focus is to build people’s self esteem and confidence.

Common Ground

To help people find and follow Jesus by becoming a spiritual catalyst that fulfills community needs.

Domond Immigrant Adult Learning Center

Our mission is to support, educate and empower men and women with the skills and tools needed to make a better life for themselves, their families and communities. Offer a supportive learning environment with focus on classroom training, workshops and computer center.

Engage Positive Parenting

Discussion-based parenting groups for men and women in areas affected by poverty or adversity. Our vision is to encourage and inspire parents across the nation to engage with their children in a loving way, and to equip their children to discover their God-given gifts and talents.

Fearless Heart Ministries

Sandra Wakefield travels throughout the world challenging and inspiring audiences to thrive.

Flourishing Life International Ministries

We support the restoration and renewal of at-risk women through coaching services, outreach programs and educational resources.

Give Amore

Sharing Jesus’ love in Africa by providing education for orphans, clean water and adult job skills.

Higher Ground Ministries

To call women of all ages and from all walks of life, to discover their true identity and self-worth in Christ, challenging them to find and fulfill their God-given purpose.


Bring light to darkness.  Using our own stories of restoration and redemption, we take a boots-on-ground approach to meet people where they are, offer a message of hope and let them know that they are loved and not alone.


Committed to transforming at-risk youth by introducing them to Jesus.  JUNITY’s purpose is to aid in the development of youth becoming productive and accountable citizens, reduce the rates of juvenile recidivism, and end the school-to-prison pipeline.

LatterHouse Decor

Provides no cost interior decorating services to women and families who have been hurt due to domestic violence.

Light the Way International

Empowering people to impact their world and make a divine difference for lasting change and transformation.

Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter exists to create big impact through small-scale, project-based investment, transforming communities and connecting lives.

Live Christ’s Love

To invite others into a deeper relationship with God by demonstrating and teaching love, kindness and compassion for others as God invites us into the mystery of his love, kindness and compassion through Jesus Christ.

Living Soul Ministries

To empower women to live soul-healthy lives by providing soul-health education through conferences, coaching and curriculum for women recovering from divorce and toxic relationships, single mothers, women recovering in drug and alcohol rehab facilities, incarcerated women and programs to educate and empower women to live soul-healthy lives.

Majestic Inspirations

To inspire from the written word of God by writing, speaking and teaching for the purpose of growing others in their faith.

Operation Love and Hope

We aim to operate in love, providing programs and services which implements Love as the main component.  To encourage, empower families, unify communities, and change lives.

Powerful Journey

Exists to empower women to Find their Voice, Focus on their Strength and Flourish in their Purpose. We come alongside single moms of a special needs child to let them know they are not forgotten by providing scholarships to help them further their education to make a better living for themselves and their family.

Proven Way Ministry

Proven Way exists to provide a safe and encouraging space where women can connect and access tools which invigorate their God-given purpose with freedom and joy.

Redroad Outreach

To offer support-group facilitation, topical classes, and coaching–bohemian style–to organizations with a shared passion to validate and empower women who’ve suffered abuse and betrayal.

Single Parent Missions

Seeing single parents and their kids encounter and respond to the transforming love of Jesus and move out of their distress into lives of promise and purpose, and seeing the Church become the primary caregiver to a hurting generation of widows and fatherless.

Thriving in the Journey

The bridge for women to step into freedom from chaos into long term stability.


Exists to encourage and equip Followers of Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission by engaging in their communities, neighborhoods, and schools by hosting parties where the Good News of Jesus Christ is clearly shared with each guest.

Wear Your Crown

Sharing God’s love by assisting the disenfranchised and others in need due to disability, addiction, homelessness, crisis, low income or other need.

Women at the Well

Women at the Well gives you the tools you need to find a healthy sexual and emotional balance once again.