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Join our community of world-changing women by becoming a Passion Partner
Our Passion Partners make up a unique giving circle which funds practical needs to make a bigger, more sustainable impact.
Passion Partners are a vital part of our community who under-gird our front line women: a group of kingdom-advancing tax- deductible nonprofits (Alliance Partners) led by qualified women and sustained by our experienced staff and board.
Our Alliance Partners are well-vetted, held to the financial integrity standards of the ECFA and compliancy standards of the IRS

By becoming a Passion Partner, you do not have to make a choice on which causes to fund.   You will help support them all!  And you are giving to what  they need most – back office support – freeing them to live out their passion.

  • Receive regular updates on the work these amazing women are doing, increasing your awareness of projects, impact, and outcomes.
  • Help choose a scholarship recipient from disadvantaged women who are actively engaged in pursuing their dream.
  • Have opportunities to personally connect with those whose mission you are most passionate about.
A gift of $100 each month keeps world-changing women on mission.

Your gift will:

  • Provide much-needed back office support,essential resources, and specialized coaching for our Alliance Partners allowing them to seek donations for their individual mission.
  • Help fund a scholarship fund awarded annually to one deserving woman, helping to launch her God-given dream.