Our team of qualified experts can help you plan, problem solve, develop leadership skills, or serve as a think tank for you and your organization.  We also offer personal mentoring for young women who want to grow while getting hands-on ministry experience.

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What I love about my coach is her amazing ability to back up every bit of advice she gives with scripture.  She helped me to realize that I was spending all of my time sharing the “mission” and no time sharing the “vision” of my ministry (Habakkuk 2:2).  It’s so great to have such an amazing mentor that always seems to help me with truth, love, and simplicity!”   Leisa McKibbin, juviGAP


To help you move forward in your organization, we can assist you with projects such as event planning, event registration, budget creation, board formation, team building, donor development, and much more.

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Women’s Non-Profit Alliance gets women and ministry! They are my go-to, one-stop shop for all things administrative, technical, creative and promotional! Their expertise and quick response time allows us to focus on other areas of ministry. They have handled all the details from theme ideas to online registration, contracts, food and onsite project management! They definitely bring the WOW factor!    Debbie Stuart, Hope for the Heart