DUE TO COVID-19:  An extra cleaning charge will be applied to any meeting/event that takes place in the Hope Center until further notice.  Your assigned facilities coordinator will provide more information.

If you are requesting a room for 25+ people, or an after-hours event, a trained facilities coordinator must be assigned to your event by WomensNPA (per Hope Center policy) to provide pre-event planning and onsite coordination:

  • Pre-event planning:  $15/hour for handling room scheduling and layout, arranging for set up and security, addressing approved food/vendor options,  and other facility-related details to help you prepare for your event. 
  • Onsite coordination:  $20/hour for all hours your facilities coordinator is required to be onsite which includes set-up, during event, and clean-up.

Click here to download our Event Costs Summary Form to understand policy and fees associated with hosting an event or meeting at the Hope Center.  Note:  Additional charges are incurred when booking an event after regular Hope Center hours.  Regular hours are 7:30am-6pm Mon-Fri.