You must be personally interviewed before applying for our Sponsorship Program. To schedule an interview in person, video conference, or by phone now, click here


In order to be considered for our Sponsorship Program:

🗸You must be an All-Access member.

🗸You must reside in and operate your nonprofit from the United States.

🗸You cannot be incorporated or have your 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.  If so – we are able to help you in other ways so email us.

🗸You must be a woman who agrees with our Statement of Faith.

🗸Your nonprofit social media postings/comments must be professional, nonderogatory, free of profanity, and reflect the values mentioned in our Statement of Faith.

🗸 You must complete the application form.

🗸You must be approved by our board of directors.  (Background and reference checks will be conducted).


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Interview Confirmation

All applicants must first be interviewed by a WomensNPA director prior to completing this application. If you have not been interviewed, please click the link above to request one.
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I am an All-Access member of WomensNPA (only All-Access members can apply for our Sponsorship Program)*
I have read and agree with the WomensNPA statement of faith*
I am aware that my acceptance into WomensNPA will require an opening deposit of $500 within 10 days of my acceptance*
I understand that I may be asked for my social security and drivers license number at a later point as part of the background check process*
We will collect this information through a secure portal
I have an official logo*
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I have secured a domain for my website*
I have verified the name of my organization contains no trademarked phrases and there are no similarly named organizations doing similar work.*
This is an important step for the future of your organization if/when you become your own 501(c)3. You can check trademark phrases by searching here We also suggest you do a Google search for your organization's name if you have not already to ensure a similar organization does not already exist with a similar name. This is to avoid any unnecessary confusion for donors in the future.
Check which cause(s) your organization addresses:*
A nonprofit organization exists for religious, charitable, or educational purposes and is dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or serving a particular sector using funds provided by donors.
Since our organization is a public charity, all nonprofits under our umbrella need to have programs/activities/services that serve/benefit the community or a particular group. Please be as specific a possible.
How do you plan to raise funds for your nonprofit in order to achieve the work you listed above?*
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Please be as specific as possible and include any budgeted expenditures.

Please list 3 references we can contact

1. Personal Reference: (do not include family members)
2. Pastoral Reference: (Does not have to be a senior pastor)
3. Business/Ministry Reference:

Because Women’s Non-Profit Alliance is responsible to the IRS and to those we serve, all applicants must undergo a background check and submit their drivers license and social security numbers in order to be considered as an Alliance Partner. Please complete the fields below. Once this form is submitted, you will receive an email asking for a digital signature giving your approval for the background check.: