As an Alliance Partner, you will receive the following services and benefits:

  • Tax-deductible donations: tax exempt contributions for your organization can be received immediately
    under our non-profit status.
  • ECFA Membership: Your organization is accredited as an ECFA member guaranteeing compliance with
    established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fund-raising and board governance.
  • Tax Filing: As a component of WomensNPA, all IRS tax reporting including 1099 and W9 forms will be
    managed/filed by us.
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Services: We accurately maintain your accounts and balance sheets, and
    provides professional monthly financial reports.
  • Online Giving and Registration: You can receive one-time and recurring donations and event
    registrations through our online customized forms and merchant account.
  • Donor Management Platform: You will be able to keep track of and easily communicate with your
    donors for better donor relations.
  • Donor Receipt Distribution: We will send donations receipts to all your donors on your behalf.
  • Fund-raising Support: We offer our own designated giving day which you can choose to participate in
    plus provide you with resources to help with your fundraising efforts.
  • Training and Connecting Opportunities: We offer gatherings and online trainings to equip and connect
  • Leadership/Ministry Coaching: Our experienced coach will meet with you one-on-one for strategic
    planning, marketing, ministry development, etc.
  • Spiritual Direction: When you are feeling stuck or discouraged, our Spiritual Director will listen and
  • Event/Meeting Facilities: You will have access to the Hope Center facilities in Dallas, TX to host
    meetings and events.
  • Legal Counsel: For your more complex needs, our non-profit attorney is available for consultations.
  • Exposure: Links to your website or blog will appear on our website.
  • Prayer support: Our caring staff will continually lift you up in prayer as you do the work God has called
    you to.