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May Giving Day is an online giving event powered by creative ministries and non-profits where supporters everywere can invest in their areas of passion and purpose.  We believe that together we are better, so by giving on this one day, the combined gifts will more effectively power the passion of front line women, impacting the Kingdom in huge ways!

Today, WomensNPA will give back 5% of proceeds to our participating world-changing organizations (See participating organizations below). 

Or, CLICK HERE to give to WomensNPA and support all  organizations under our umbrella.



Click on the name to learn more about the organization and give through their website:
Ascend Life Skills

Offers new hope for incarcerated women by teaching about  freedom and value in Christ.

Atlanta GLOW

To encourage, educate and equip young, low-income women to be thriving, self-sustaining leaders and effective agents of economic growth within their community.

Engage Parenting

To encourage and inspire parents across the nation to engage with their children in a loving way, and to equip their children to discover their God-given gifts and talents.


Committed to transforming at-risk youth by introducing them to Jesus.  JUNITY’s purpose is to aid in the development of youth becoming productive and accountable citizens, reduce the rates of juvenile recidivism, and  end the school-to-prison pipeline.


Latterhouse decor

Provides no cost interior decorating services to women and families who have been hurt due to domestic violence.

Layla’s Legacy

Committed to raising funds to cure Pediatric Medulloblastoma and to supporting families impacted by the disease.

Little Things Matter

Little Things Matter exists to create big impact through small-scale, project-based investment, transforming communities and connecting lives.

Majestic Inspirations

To inspire from the written word of God by writing, speaking and teaching for the purpose of growing others in their faith.

Operation Love and Hope

We aim to operate in love, providing programs and services which implements Love as the main component.  To encourage, empower families, unify communities, and change lives.

Redroad Outreach

To offer support-group facilitation, topical classes, and coaching–bohemian style–to organizations with a shared passion to validate and empower women who’ve suffered abuse and betrayal.

The Postiche Foundation

Our mission is to make women in the community look and feel special especially those that are going through chemotherapy or cancer treatments.

Wear Your Crown

Sharing God’s love by assisting the disenfranchised and others in need due to disability, addiction, homelessness, crisis, low income or other need.


Exists to encourage and equip Followers of Jesus to fulfill the Great Commission by engaging in their communities, neighborhoods, and schools by hosting parties where the Good News of Jesus Christ is clearly shared with each guest.