Recognize your Season

If you live in Texas, you have been robbed of the beauty of having four seasons that displayed clear markers for every season. Spring is ushered in with lots of rain and blossoming flowers. Summer shows up with warmer temperatures and longer days, which are enjoyed by all. Autumn brings with her cooler temperatures, shorter days and some of the most amazing and vibrant colors leaves as they fall from the trees onto the ground. Winter is the time when natural growth tends to stop and animals hibernate because of the coldness this season brings with her. When the seasons change some people are consciously aware because they have physical reactions to the change in season.

Just as four distinct physical seasons exist with very distinguished markers for each, there are spiritual seasons we experience that have markers as well. A spiritual season is a period of time determined by the Lord in which He seeks to do something in you that will provide the tools you need for the next season. These seasons can and will be extended if you not actively engaged in the process the Lord is taking you through.

Are you in a season of growth? Preparation? Rest? Promotion? Discipline?

It is your job to recognize the season you are in and respond to it accordingly. Spiritual seasons are meant to teach you about God, yourself and your unique, God-given assignment. Your spirit must be sensitive and subject to the Holy Spirit so that you do not miss the moment-by-moment encounters with the Lord throughout your season. During your spiritual seasons you must draw close to the Lord for guidance, for understanding and ultimately for worship. Each season requires you to have the patience to wait, the persistence to press forward and the wisdom to know when to wait and when to press. Timing is key and you should not seek to move ahead of the Lord. Every spiritual season will leave its mark on you and others will notice a physical change in you because of what has taken place during that season.

Do you recognize your season?