We offer our Growth Accountable PROGRAM (GAP) to our Engage and All-Access Members providing focus and accountability.  

GAP helps you recognize area(s) where you can benefit most from our expert coaching and nonprofit resources. Once enrolled in GAP, you will receive a growth assessment, giving coaching and resource recommendations determined by your specific needs. It also includes a personal Growth Guide to plan, process, and pray with!

Here is what one member said about this program: 

“As a high-achiever with a long To Do List of things that I COULD get done, I really appreciated having an established plan for what I SHOULD get done for the duration of the program. And I’m proud to say that with the help of my accountability guide and coaching sessions included in the program, I DID get them done!”


Coaching Options

Our team of qualified experts will help you as a member to plan, problem solve, create processes, develop leadership skills, and much more!

Level 1 TOPICS

(two free for Engage and All-Access Members!)
Most Popular Topics
  • The True Leader Within You: Discover your authentic leadership strengths/style and how to lead from your strengths
  • Laying a Firm Foundation: Strengthen and bring clarity to your organization by aligning your core values, mission, and vision
  • Strategic Planning: Develop a long-term strategic plan with clear objectives and goals
  • Website 101: How to increase traffic and become more user-friendly while telling your story in a clear and concise way
  • Fundraising 101: Learn best practices and creative avenues for raising money and developing loyal donors
  • Forming an Effective Advisory Council: Learn how to recruit, onboard, and get the most of an invested Advisory Council
  • Team Development: Proven methods for growing a healthy and committed team to accomplish your mission
  • Strategic Budgeting: Create a better budget to tell your financial story and help you plan for the future

Level 2 Topics

(two free for All-Access – Level 1 or Level 2)
Most Popular Topics
  • Maximize Automation through Email Marketing: Discover simple ways you can automate communication saving you time and money
  • Boost Your Brand: Learn how to create a branding kit through Canva and simplify graphics/content making for social media platforms and events
  • Create Your Fundraising Plan: Plan out your yearly fundraising calendar to give you guidance on strategy, timelines, tactics
  • Marketing Statigies for Scaling your Nonorofit: Cost-effective results-driven marketing and public relations strategies to fuel your organization's growth and impact.
  • Making the Most of Your Social Media: With all the platforms out there, learn which is best for you and how to use them most effectively
  • Be More Productive in Less Time: Learn how to identify distractions and implement strategies that increase organizational efficiency
  • Bring your Book Idea to Life: Learn from a best-selling author proven methods for writing and publishing
  • Overcoming Communication Challenges: Whether it is a post, presentation, or promotional piece, learn how to get your message across in the most strategic, cost effective way
  • Grant Writing: Find out about grant opportunities and how to write a compelling proposal
  • Building a Better Board: Discover what type of board works best for you, how to recruit new board members, and access current ones
  • Forming a 501(c)(3): Step by step processes to starting your own tax-exempt nonprofit organization
  • Moving past “stuck” to “UNSTOPPABLE“: Find out what is holding you back from being all God created you to be
  • Choose a topic just for you…


"We receivewd clear and tangible ways to help us get volunteers . Our coach came up with an amazing way for us to get the word out about our nonprofit, and to encourage donations. We could not have had a better coaching session! We are so Grateful!"

"My Coach was highly professional, personal, and so effecient. She utilized every single second of our session and offered me very specific, strategic growth points."

Meet Our Coaches

Terri Burnett

Main Coaching Topics: Leadership Development/Strategic Planning

Terri has been a leader in the marketplace and ministry for over 30 years. She has led an advertising sales team for a major cable company, served on a church ministry staff, and founded three nonprofit organizations including Women’s Nonprofit Alliance. Terri has led trainings for LifeWay, Dallas Theological Seminary, 4Word, and many other churches and groups.  As a coach, she has mentored women around the world to pursue their passion, and fulfill their God-given dream.

Cynthia Nunn

Main Coaching Categories: Non-Profit Establishment/Board Development

Cynthia has 40 years experience in nonprofit management and administration. Her background is in employment and training, youth development, infants and children with HIV/AIDS, and management support to nonprofit organizations. She also has extensive board experience to compliment professional responsibilities and expertise in health and human service organizations, United Way, faith based organizations, private schools, community development organizaions, state supported family and children services, literacy initiatives and regional programming.

Camille Smith

Main Coaching Topics: Strategic Budgeting

Camille is a finance and accounting professional that is passionate about aiding nonprofits with their financial needs. She has over 10 years of experience in audit, financial analysis and reporting, and business management. Camille has a BBA in Finance from the University of North Texas, is a licensed CPA and has been certified as a QuickBooks Advanced Pro Advisor.


Main Coaching Topics: Fundraising/Donor Development

Bonnie Banker served on staff in the Dallas office of Joni and Friends Texas ministry after a 20+ year career in corporate financial marketing. She uses her experience in consumer and business-to-business marketing, coupled with leadership and fundraising/donor development, to support ministries and organizations as the Lord leads.

Cathy LandtroOp

Main Coaching Topics: Strategic Marketing/Story Telling

Cathy is Founder and CEO of Landtroop Strategies, a media and PR firm powering causes, candidates and companies across three continents.   Cathy also serves as the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Vista Bank. She is a ROI-driven, revenue-generating strategist, business builder, and gifted storyteller.

Ashlie James

Main Coaching Topics: Grant Writing/Time Management

Ashlie is Founder of Atlanta GLOW, a mentoring organization that has served more than 800 youth, and counting. She is also Founder of Thrive Mission Resources, a consulting practice that serves grassroots organizations with mission-driven communications and grant writing services so that they can make a big impact while starting small. With bachelor and master’s degrees in biblical studies and nonprofit leadership, Ashlie loves to empower people to lead better lives and secure sustainable futures.

Camille Walker

Main Coaching Topics: Spiritual Direction

Camille is a woman on a mission to help entrepreneurs launch, build and grow thriving businesses. She has a unique background as both a practicing lawyer, entrepreneur and business strategist. You will find Camille consulting, mentoring and facilitating workshops on performance improvement, stress management and energy resiliency.

Karol Ladd

Main Coaching Topics: Book Writing/Publishing

Karol is known as “the Positive Lady.” Karol is the best-selling author of over 35 books including The Power of a Positive Mom and Becoming a Woman of the Word. As a gifted communicator and dynamic leader, Karol is a popular speaker to women’s organizations, church groups and corporate events across the nation. Karol is a frequent guest on radio and television programs and teaches a monthly Bible study called Positive Woman Connection.

Personal Growth Guide (3 Month2) and Customized Growth Plan

Your growth plan will address Strategic Planning, and assign you a personal growth guide for 3 months to provide direction, focus and accountability. Value: $199

Sponsorship programs

For those who do not have their 501(c)(3) and want to apply to come under our fiscal umbrella. Receive back-office support, including bookkeeping, and tax-deductible donations.

(2) Advanced or Basic Coaching Sessions

Your two individual coaching sessions can include topics from Level 1 and Level 2. Value: $170.

Personal Growth Guide (3 Months) and Customized Growth Plan

Your customized growth plan will address your specific goals/needs, and assign you a personal growth guide for 3 months to provide direction, focus and accountability. Value: $199

Grant opportunities

Exclusively for our members, we have two grant categories: established and emerging non-profits. Plus a post-coaching session for valuable feedback to help you with future grants.

Mind Mapping Sessions

An interactive one-on-one session where a central topic/issue is presented and a Guide helps to organize your thoughts in a way that leads to solutions.


Your choice of one Master Class per year, led by our Executive Director, which are higher level classes focusing on best practices for those who want to take their nonprofit to the next level.

Member connect Events

Opportunities to be equipped and connected through breakouts and expert speakers.

Individual coaching Sessions

Expert one-on-one coaching from our wide range of topics.

Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group to connect and encourage one another.

Monthly Toolkit

A monthly topical email with articles, best-practice tools and upcoming group/event invites.

Resource library

A webpage full of recommended resources, tutorials, and equipping videos.