Take the Leap

Change.  The word can bring a cold shiver down your neck.  It’s a word that strikes fear in many folks.  How about you? What do you experience, if anything, when you think about change? Well, the truth is, the way you respond to change is a key indicator to the type of leader you are.  Many folks aren’t really all that bothered by change.  In fact, some leaders say they thrive on it.  Change is good.  No, it’s not a characteristic of our unchanging God, but He did create us with change in mind.

Before the fall, we don’t know much about how we were designed to grow spiritually, but we can say plenty about it post-sin.  In fact, the very purpose of the God sending us His son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is to promote transformation of our hearts, minds and actions.  We are in a life filled with change through transformation and we have a constant need for it.

When you were young, do you recall a teacher saying to you, “Never stop learning”? Well, truth is learning is a process of change.  The hope we have in Christ through Sanctification is a change process as well.  So as a leader of the faith, we should be nothing short of change agents.  A key function of our mission is to activate others and move God’s mission forward for the Kingdom through change, from old to new, from death to life, from hate to love, you get the picture.

Don’t worry, there’s help for you if you’re not fond of change. For those who feel as though change is like jumping from an airplane, here are some thoughts to consider about taking a leap forward change.

  1. You may be scared and that’s ok. Just scoot your bottom closer to the open door of the aircraft, lean forward, and even though you see nothing but open sky, take the leap.
  2. The dreaded “out-of-control” feeling is short lived. Once you pull the parachute cord, the chaos of free-falling suddenly stops and slows to a manageable pace. Life begins to feel normal again.
  3. Prepare to be amazed! From the rushing wind, the chaos of free-falling to tumbling at the end, skydiving, like change is transformative. Your experience is one that you’ll never forget.

We you face change, it can be fear-filled experience but it’s something you can do.  If you need a guide or coach, call us.  We love to help women in ministry with all kinds of challenges and the changes we face.  The point is, keep in mind, change can be such a positive force in your life and your ministry – and you have to embrace it!

Change can be such a positive force in your life and your ministry – you just have to take the leap!

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Take the Leap
Take the Leap

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