Apply For Our Sponsorship Program

In order to be considered to come under our tax-exempt umbrella as a Sponsored Member:

  • You must be an All-Access member.
  • You must schedule an interview to see if you qualify
  • You must reside in and operate your nonprofit from the United States.
  • You cannot be incorporated or have your 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.  If so – we are able to help you in other ways so email us.
  • You must be a woman who agrees with our Statement of Faith.
  • Your nonprofit social media postings/comments must be professional, nonderogatory, free of profanity, and reflect the values mentioned in our Statement of Faith.
  • You must complete the application form.
  • You must be approved by our board of directors
  • Background and reference checks will be conducted.


All applicants must first be interviewed by a WomensNPA director prior to completing this application. If you have not been interviewed, please click the link above to request one.

Personal Growth Guide (3 Months) and Customized Growth Plan

Your customized growth plan will address your specific goals/needs, and assign you a personal growth guide (coach) for 3 months to provide direction, focus and accountability. Value: $199