Is your passion/ministry bigger than you? It should be. But we are afraid to reach beyond what we can see. We get overwhelmed with the tasks, the vision, and actually end up making God small. Yet, all throughout scripture it is emphasized that ministry is a team effort. Just read Nehemiah, or 1 Corinthians 1:17, or Ephesians 4:12-13. In Matthew 25:21, Jesus reminds us that we are only expected to be faithful in a few things. Which means many times we get caught up in the busyness-bondage-burnout cycle because we are not able to focus on just a few things. We take it all on, and don’t stay in our strengths.

One thing I have learned after not only starting but consulting with many small businesses and ministries, is it isn’t only the end product/service that can glorify God but the process itself. In other words, we are to be externally focused but it is not until we are internally healthy that real ministry is done. Hence, you need a team! This type of perspective will leave a mark that will be visible for generations to come. We are to leave a legacy of hope, not fear. And God has equipped each of us to do just that.

Pray to be a better steward of your gifts and abilities. Pray for those with like-passions to be put in your path. And don’t forget to pray for your heart to catch and cultivate every word that falls from heaven, every paragraph of instruction, and every page of warning. For you want a heart that not only serves and helps feed a generation now but to seed the harvests for generations to come.

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