Where does time go?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Isn’t time interesting?  We take time. Waist time. Manage time. Often work overtime.  But never seem to have enough time.  Well, maybe it’s time to take inventory of your time.

Where does it go?   I’ve come to realize that usually time leaks.  It ever-so-slowly escapes like bagged water with a tiny hole. Trickle. Trickle. Trickle.  So, in my personal quest to make better use of my time, I have discovered a few simple ways to stop the trickle.

Time Waster #1:  Making too many unnecessary decisions in a day. 

There are ways to reduce the amount of brain power you use making decisions, giving you more time and energy for decisions that really matter.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Choose a easy favorite meal and make/buy it once a  week (like Wednesdays could be taco night).  You don’t have to think about what you want to eat or coming up with a grocery list.  Of course limiting your grocery store runs to once or twice a week is a big time-saver (and money-saver – you won’t be tempted to buy that extra bag of chips each trip).
  • Reduce your clothing choices.  Yes ladies, we waist so much time staring into our closets and trying on different combos it borders on the ridiculous.  If you can limit your wardrobe to a handful of good interchangeable pieces hung by color and style (blouses together, pants below, etc), you can more easily grab and go.  It also helps to stick to a particular color pallet.  I have a minimalist friend who mainly shops at The Black and White store.   She has less then 20 clothing items in her entire closet that all mix and match.  How many do you have?
  • Stand on decisions you have already made.  I admit this is an issue with me, rehashing or forgetting a decision all together.  So now I document as many decisions as possible through an online project management system I have adapted for my personal and business use that serves as a reminder:  been there, done that, don’t go back!

Time Waster # 2:  Doing too many things manually.

In this day and age, automation can not only free you, but be your bff.  Try simplifying your work-life with these tips:

  • Use online project management tools to capture action items and generate reminders to those assigned to the task.  You can also use this as a file sharing system, giving everyone access to important documents with a single upload.
  • Use apps like Zapier to pass information between your online platforms (like a payment page to a Mailchimp list).
  • Use automated email responses to not only say “thank you”, but share standard information that you’ve been doing in separate emails (if you remembered!).  Example:  when someone becomes a member with us, they automatically receive an email generated by Mailchimp (which is “zapped” to connect with our payment page) with next steps and upcoming dates.

Time Waster #3:  Social media (you know I had to o there).

HUGE time waster when you randomly check your Instagram 25 times a day.  There you go down that rabbit hole!  This takes discipline, but when you limit your social media interaction to only a couple of designated times a day, you will not only have more time – but be a happier human being!  I’m stepping down off my soapbox now.

Take inventory of your time and don’t forget to pay attention to the small leaks.  If you need help – let us connect you with a coach.  There is no time like the present.